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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My new toy...Chloe

Well..I looked and looked for a mannequin and finally found her, having a great time dressing and being creative...and eventually once I have a bigger space in my shop she will go there (if I can part with her that is..) I call her of my fav names since I was young...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

New project ...for the bedroom redo saga...

Well... it must be springtime, cus I am feeling a urge to tackle my bedroom redo again.. The peaceful... shades of white, cream, and sepia tones.. are all calling to me again!!!

I have always felt I needed something over the headboard.. what I could not decide..picture? mirror? lace??? Could never decide......THEN....I found it last weekend! A large oval frame, someone had added padding and covered with fabric.. A half painted frame...( which I am deciding if I should paint dark or light ) I am adding a before picture....then will post a new one once I redo it. .. I am thinking of covering with a linen type fabric and maybe adding a few other touches to it.

I found a large wool rug from an estate sale which has all the colors that I want to bring into the room and placed this at the end of my bed.....once I did this of course I wanted to paint the bed...

you know how that thing leads to others....and so on.. and so on...for now my pictures below are mainly my behind the bed project...will be posting more pictures later!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pay it Forward Gift!!!!

I recieved my WONDERFUL gift from Marcie at the " Pay It forward" gift giveaway!

You all have to stop by and see all her beautiful ribbons, lace and collages in her shop ..Just beautiful!!!

I recieved in the cutest gift box and ribbon a crystal which I love and one of her beautiful spools of ribbon in a soft Cream color ( my favorite color...I am re-doing my room in cream and white and sepia colors...Thank you soo much Marcie!!!


Spring mantel

Spring mantel

Jujube.. Plotting...

Jujube.. Plotting...
Thinking his next move.....


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Toby the Bear
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