My Favorite spot by the Beach trail!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays to All

Yes I am still here...Life has thrown its challanges at me these last few months, which have kept me away from my blog and my visits to yours..which I so enjoyed, but
I feel confident that the New Year will bring more balance in my that I can do more of all the things I love..I wish you all a Healthy, Happy New Year, and good friends to share it with of course...because without good friends our life would be half full...I also wish you all success in all your endeavors and to keep trying and never give up on your dreams. To always look forward to the future with excitement and anticipation..for the great things that are to come your way..Have a wonderful Holiday!!! Marlene

Friday, October 29, 2010

Scary Boys,,Beware!

Just could not resist...playing with the software..hehehe!
.Jujube and Toby are all ready for Halloween...
Toby will be actually wearing devil horns on his head...because he IS my handsome devil... and Jujube the clown.. the trickster...will of course be wearing for all of
2 min a jesters collar...hopefully I'll get some pictures on Halloween night!
but these 2 are very busy that night ..barking and running to the door each time it we will see...Have a Great day! Marlene

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Well I went to my very first camping trip with some good friends recently...they are seasoned campers going all over the country with thier RV and they were going to show us the ropes!!
The days we decided to book for a 2 day over night trip.. turned out to
be of all days... the first rain storm of the season...We learned things about camping that day that it takes some people many trips to learn... not only did we pack ourselves into this RV, but we took with us our 80 pound Queensland Heeler "Toby"..and our... very "active" Jack Russell "Jujube"..AND it was thier first time ALSO!!!! It was a comedy..staying dry and warm walking the dogs in the rain at all hours in the downpour... coaxing them to go cus they hate going potty in the rain..... the campsite ground was dirt which quickly turned to MUD....8 paws walkin in the mud...hummm..did I mention we did not bring umbrellas and rain gear????!!! But despite all this... our group of friend rallied together, found a old tarp..some sticks and we made a makeshift tent over the grill...AND we had the most fun I have had in a very long time!
Here is a video dedicated to good friends..where would we all be without them? Enjoy!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finishing and Starting....

That's what I have been up too lately.. Finishing one thing and starting another.....frequently..... before I'm finished I find myself starting multiple new things....which causes all sorts problems with my time not to mention the cluttered chaos which my studio has become...but of course... I eventually finish each project, and of course the stuff gets picked up and organized.. and then...of course it starts all over again... I guess the creative process is like a whirlwind it takes over your life and senses and you can't help but go with its flow...and enjoy the ride...

I have been busy walking on our beaches, collecting special pieces of driftwood each telling their special story..weathered woods in grey, taupe and cream..some sun bleached..others dark with ragged crevices which once were homes for sea creatures...every piece is different..not one is alike just like fingerprints...individual and unique..with thier own story.

I never really looked at driftwood before until I started collecting and using it for my driftwood they just fascinate me..I get excited as I search and gather each piece in my bag...and wonder just where they will fit in the puzzle... The Driftwood puzzle...which is what my mirrors have become... I have attached my 3rd mirror I have finished..... this one is large and bold and strong..unlike my other 2.. this one has the energy of a stormy sea...they each have thier own look and feel when I am done, thats the fun part of making these !...I never know what it will just evolves.

It took weeks to finish.......Now I start again....collecting and putting together my next Driftwood puzzle! Have a Great day!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

New slideshow of the Seaside much fun my first Summer at the Cottage
decorating and selling my Jewelry..its been very busy for me, adjusting to my new schedule..Looking for those great finds... painting furniture..and of course making my jewelry...Not alot of time for catching up on my blog...but I know it will all adjust itself as I learn to make time for all my interest.. and loves...Jujube and Toby miss me.. My husband has been great supporting me thru this..sooo much patience..Enjoy the slides!

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I just created and wanted to share a slide show of the 3 shops at our Redwood Center
The Seaside Cottage, Antiques and collect ables with a Cottage and Nautical Flair..
The Hidden Gate, which has a collection of primitives and antiques a trip back in time! and The Deer Run Unique collectibles and Art of the 20th and 21th century! Enjoy!!!!

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Monday, July 12, 2010

My Beautiful New the fabulous Dore at Bulap Luxe!!

I am soooo behind on blogging and posting...SO many things have been going on ..I put everything on hold......... Jujube ( my crazy Jack Russell and namesake of this blog ) just had a surgery..which was very stressful for us.... so keeping him from jumping and running was a amazing feat in itself ..... on top of that working for 5 days straight in the shop ...because everyone at the shop was out of town..really sealed the deal ...
My poor husband was a amazing stay home dad while I went to work...though on the 4th day..he was ready to hand over the job!!! Then I got something wonderful in the Mail!!!!
Well.... ...Dore at Burlap Luxe made the most beautiful Sign for me with the name of the shop and added her beautiful bird!!! .......Seaside Cottage!
It is soooo beautiful... I fell in love with the pictures in her blog and her Etsy shop..Do stop by and check out her blog and her shop..she is really creative and inspiring The sign is even more beautiful when you receive it!! Thank you Dore !!! I will be showing it off in the shop...but later on it is going right over my bedroom bay window!!! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Amazing Sunset photo

I came across a group of amazing sunset photos taken by friend Patrick Gispert in San Diego on his facebook page.

What I loved about these pictures which are all sunset views, was the colors which rarely are captured as clear and sharp as these photos all show..Of course my love of blues and pastels also were a factor, but I think you will agree he captured something very special in this shot! enjoy!

Please click image to enlarge.

i22154_1302633239595_1043374673_30932840_5744406_n[1] (2)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Beautiful June Blooms!

Yes... June has turned out to be beautiful this year in my garden. Even though I
have not given my garden the usual time and energy I did in the pruning and feeding and weeding.... they had a good foundation early on..when I did have the time. They have been able to survive times of neglect.......I wonder about that as I walked thru my garden this morning, with my coffee smelling the roses and hearing the birds..just how much like plants we are..we always spring back up and shine.

All the color and fragrance where once was a cement slab and 2 trees..with hard work a vision and a much younger back ( 9 years ago!) I slowly created my own little hideaway for me to enjoy mornings just like this. Here is hoping you too have a great morning!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seaside Cottage in Cambria

I know a special shop in Cambria that I just love to stop by and browse..It has the most wonderful light airy feel to it..and you never want to leave....Mark the owner decorates it beautifully himself and has the same taste as I in light airy decor inspired by the seaside..I was asked to work there part time..and I quickly agreed..I had the opportunity to put some of my sea inspired jewelry I make there ..well.... I was pleasantly surprised! I sold 5 pieces in just a short week..! I enjoy making these "Gems and Baubles" as I call them..they are a mixture of old vintage found pieces, with new glass and shell and pearl beads.. old and new and reclaimed parts of years past..Kind of like my home..! I am always scouring the sales for any jewelry it was inevitable that I started doing these since I love re purposing things..... here are a few pictures.....
I also have started a new for the shop "Seaside Cottage" we are in the starting stage and will be adding new items as they come in to the blog..and also want to show different parts of our beautiful Cambria there please be sure to stop by often.
The other blog I have ( which I "finally" posted some of my jewelry)
is "Chole and Lace" this one I started with my business name for my purses..and other creations and also my garage and estate sale finds....Well here is to new beginnings! and new opportunities wherever they may take us! Have a Great day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"What befall the Earth "Something to Remember

This bears repeating again... Linda from "World of Spirit: Population Unknown"
posted this and I just had to pass this along..Its a lesson for all of us to remember
it should be part of our Constitution..Part of all laws man has written..
All men are created equal and the earth does not belong to man..What befalls the earth befalls to all...this bears passing on...

"What befalls the earth befalls all the sons of the earth.
This we know: the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth.
All things are connected like the blood that unites us all.
Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it.
Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."
-Chief Seattle (1786-1866)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mid Week Seaside Therapy

Click to enlarge pictures!

Sometimes life throws you a loop.. an unexpected loop so to speak..
.I recently had to leave town unexpectedly to stay with my parents in the Bay Area for a couple days, my father was scheduled for surgery and I needed to be there to help and support my mother..Of course it happened at the worse possible time...when all these things were going on here at home that needed urgent attention...but of course things were set aside and off I went!

I ended staying there 4 days..sleeping on a lumpy sofa bed ( who invented sofa beds anyway?)
and the rest of the time was spent sitting in the hospital waiting or driving my mother doing errands..I was able to get alot done while there and help them organize some of their financial paperwork..(first time they let me) and even do some housework..( My mother is very territorial about her house she knows how to clean best) Both my parents are getting older...and slowing down due to poor health...
It is very hard when roles start reversing and they still feel like they should be taking care of you. I watched them this weekend...and wondered what is in store for me when I am their age??? How will I be with my daughter...will I not know when I need help..or will I gladly accept it...? will I want to drive until someone takes my license by force? OR will I know when its time to hand over my keys... You can't help but wonder ...Which brings me to my " Mid-Week Seaside therapy" These pictures were during my walk...Nothing puts things in perspective like the Ocean.. the fresh salty air.. the birds.. and the sounds of the water and your breathing as you hike the trails...I felt better instantly and I found my answers! I wish for you all some quiet time to find your answers! Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Giveaway! Gwynnie B Designs!

Just a heads up to let you know Gwynnie B Designs is having a new Giveaway!
A beautiful Silver key chain handmade by the talented Ms Gwynnie! Please stop by and sign up..I personally have this very same key chain and I love it!
When your there check out some of her posts "Women are Here" is a very interesting perspective and thought provoking post on women's role in our history!
......and of course!! .........Look through her fabulous jewelry which she makes herself and sells here in several boutiques here on the Central Coast! Enjoy!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Windy Mayhem!

We had rain..yet again..and now 3 days of windy weather even though the sun it out...pollen is being blown everywhere and my allergies are in FULL force! I went out this morning to have my morning coffee as I usually do when the sun it out..
and me and the dogs literally sneezed in unison!! I found my Cecile B. Roses that are
trained over the french doors of my sun room ripped from their supports and hanging order the doorway...the trialing Jasmine that have now entwined with these roses with my help over the years were somehow ripped also from their support...!! ( my poor husband will need to put these back up when the wind dies down ) Alot of my tall plants like my snowball bush are now leaning from the wind..The only part of my garden not effected was the Greenhouse...and of course all my vegi's inside...
3 days of this wind they said on the news !!! ALOT of work ahead for me !

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Remnants of the Past Show

First time attempt at doing a slide show..I hope you all can access this without too much trouble! I had so many pictures I wanted to share of the Remnants Of The Past show this weekend I went to..Was a wonderful show lots of amazing vendors and lots of inspiration looking at all the great booths! the show was held in Nipomo CA. in a huge Barn and a Victorian estate surrounded by lemon groves! I show a picture of the surrounding rural countryside views! My kind of life! Enjoy! and leave me feedback as to how easy this slide show was to view! Thanks Marlene

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Early morning ..seaside walkabout..

I am trying to exercise what I alot of people I do really good for a while
and then I get lazy again...especially when the weather gets bad...( we have rain and wind again)
then I get lazy.. read a book.. watch some art projects... and hang out with my dogs..

Some people are morning people..high energy husband is one.. wakes up rearing to go!!! Rain or shine! I wake up slowly... enjoy coffee in bed and can stay in my Jammie's.. reading or watching TV in the morning..... What kind of person are you???

Here are some pictures of my favorite walking trail along the and a friend got up early before the rain and wind couple days ago.. it was so beautiful out, I wanted to share the views

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Baby turns 54!

School house owned by Hearst Ranch sits right next to Sabastian's Deli! I think it is soo adorable!
Sabastians Store and Deli! Yummy!!!
Our beach view!!!

Yes! I am a April baby... and I am celebrating my 54 this year! My birthday was different this year from the last 5 years celebrations.. for some reason hitting 49 and up signaled in me and alarm.. though not a conscience one ..I started telling people I didn't celebrate birthday and the on coming "day" threw me into quiet contemplation..even sadness at times... I was getting older.. then the not so subtle signs of not being able to garden for 6 hours straight as I was used to........reared its ugly head.. causing me to reflect on.. the changes ...there were changes taking place... but my mind was still the same! ( well OK.. the memory...have you ever been looking all over for your keys and finally find them in your hand??? )

Something fabulous and wonderful "CLICKED" this year in my mind! I was looking forward to my birthday this year! I was feeling happy and looking forward to the future and all its wonderful possibilities! I am glad to be alive and share this wonderful life I have created with my family and friends. On my special day..My Husband and I spent a wonderful day together, walked on the beach..talked about our plans and the future, we went to lunch at my favorite place in San Simeon Sebastian's!
We went hiking on the East West Ranch trails with our 2 boys Jujube and Toby.. a perfect day...then that night we went to a dinner given by a friend for our birthday and was surprised when a group of friends came unexpectedly!
Birthdays are not so bad... its a 'good' thing as Martha says!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Garage Sale and a Fireplace Mystery.....

Well we had a very successful Garage Sale and a very unusual fireplace incident...all within 24 hours....My back is just getting back to normal...
We had 5 different families do their spring cleaning thus the Garage Sale !
We started setting up Friday all day...till late at night, Our garage sales set up always turns into a big party..everyone looking at each others stuff and YES! buying from each other ( what sickness!) ..we had music playing and actually made money from neighbors which were walking their dogs.. and a few asked if they could bring some things over! ..We had pizza delivered and we were all exhausted by 9:30 that night... went right to bed and everyone met back at my house at 6:00am sharp!
We had a strange event happen on Friday during our set up.. Our fireplace was scheduled to be
cleaned and serviced that following week, we have one of those wood burning stove insert and it has been acting up.. blowing soot and smoke into the house after the fire dies down.. which has caused me to have to do major cleaning each time it did..( 4 times I had to do this in a month) cleaning all my white slipcovers, and curtains..and floor..not fun.. well as we were setting up a truck comes by to check out our sale.. and it has the name of the company sched to clean our fireplace.. I mentioned to them that ....and they said.. hey we had a cancellation we can do yours now if you want....! so I said ok...I let them in and continued with my garage sale set up.... WELL
about an hour later..out comes one of the guys..covered with soot..(that should have been a clue)
Off they left ..saying my fireplace was all done.....I don't know what happened..cus I wasn't there...but my living room was like a hazy smoking lounge..
I screamed to my husband when I came in...(he had been in his office during the entire thing)
All he said was.... "Its ok.. we will just open some windows " Oh yes.... !
So right after the garage sale and taking all items not sold to thrift shops! I had to clean all over again....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Giveaway at Vintage Junky!!!

Be sure to drop by and see the fabulous giveaway at
beautiful pillow and pitcher !! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I will win... :-)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I want that one! No that one.!... the ulgy one!

That's what I said...that's the only way I could let them know in the auction which hanging lamp I wanted for my bid of $15...All the lamps were up very high and this one caught my was ugly it was the only way to describe it..the guy kept pointing to diff ones and I kept saying no.. that one! and then I said it.. the ugly one.. and he turned right to it.... people gave looks and whispered...I saw them in the corner of my eye when he pulled it down... but I thought I could do something with it..My eyes kept going up to that lamp all thru the auction...I just had to have it....
Here is a picture of my "next" project
I already primed it white..I could not take a picture of how it looked when I brought it home...poor here is a picture of it in the first stage! I think I can make her pretty..I have been toying with the idea of a drum hanging lamp over my kitchen table..which is odd because I am more a chandelier girl...but....
I keep her on my kitchen table to my husbands dismay..and stare at her as I walk by...waiting for my inspiration...Well what do you think ?? Can you see it??? Be kind! :-)

Rain Rain Go Away...

I know ..I know...I SHOULD want the rain..we here in Cambria are always in need of rain... but I have had enough..I want the sun... I want Spring..I want to work in my garden and have my morning coffee in my yard...I want to be able to paint my furniture ..which I do in my outside patio and when its so humid nothing my projects just line up...We have 2 storms lining up.. My front yard oak tree looks sad under the rainy gloom ...I heard in the news..tomorrow it will start and go straight thru to next week...sooooo I will
have to clean and organize another closet or another book..try a new soup recipe and wait ... wait for the Rain Rain to go away....


Spring mantel

Spring mantel

Jujube.. Plotting...

Jujube.. Plotting...
Thinking his next move.....


The One and Only.....

My tunes

Toby the Bear

Toby the Bear
The follower...with a bad attitude