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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Esther My Mother

This weekend was my mother's Birthday.. she is 77 this year. The past several years have been
very difficult for her and her health and our family..Family dynamics change when there is a illness. It has been hard.
Esther my mother is French. Born to Claude and Rafaela Croissier who's parents were french immigrants who moved to Cuba and owned a sugar plantation. I wondered this weekend as I sat on her bed talking to her and going over old photos and thinking of my childhood and hers ...just how certain memories stay with you forever..and how your interpretations of events that happened in the past often take on a life of thier own in each others memories and hearts......what I saw and felt was often viewed and felt differently by my we all see the world in our own eyes and can never really see through anothers.....We moved like gypsies all thru the U.S due to my fathers job transfers...The excitement of the new adventures ahead..stayed with me and shaped my reaction to change..and adaptabilites to differant people and places..They were good experiences.
We had good times and bad, but we were a family and I knew she always was there for me. My mother and I are very differant..we are not made from the same cloth..but we have gifts we share, that connect us and help us understand each other in some ways more than others ..I wanted to salute my mother today in my blog...and say thank you to her. Esther my beautiful mother that I love.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fabulous Designer Give Away!!!!!

Just a heads up !! Gwynnie B Designs is having a give away!!!

I absolutely love all her jewlery...Gwynnie's jewlery is featured in several fine galleries here on the Central coast....and this is her first giveaway...a chance to own one of her designs ! she fairly new to blog pls stop by and leave her a comment!

Don't forget to look at her on line shop to see all the eye candy!!! some really amazing designs!....


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hike by the Sea

You can see Hearst Castle on the tip of the mountain if you click to enlarge! Amazing Eucaliptus groves!!

Isn't this just beautiful...a beach just for you!

The San Semion Pier is in the back!!

Well, last weekend my hubby and I went on a gorgeous hike by the sea in San Simeon ( Hearst Castle beach) We went on this hike with a group of our good friends that we usually play poker and take turns hosting dinner at each others house ...We are a crazy bunch! anyways...we decided to hike this weekend, and we could not have had a better day a spring day..not too hot..clear and sunny ..and the views from this trial were just spectacular...there are lot of Eucalyptis trees towering all along the trial so the air has this amazing scent combined with the sea ! We all keep wondering if we could camp out on the ridge some night there...I would if I had my big dog Toby with me for protection ...( I worry more about the people than just don't know..but thats just me..) I generally am not a camper..because I like nice clean bathrooms and showers,,,,sleeping on the ground hurts my back..then my phobia of strange people lurking in the dark..hummmmmm .... ...but this place I certainly would make an exception! Enjoy the pictures! click to enlarge and see the details of the scenery!!!! Have a great day!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Look What I recieved Today!!!

I just recieved my beautiful gift from Emilie at Emilie paper Fancies .

I have always admired her beautiful creations and was so excited to have won these two

perfect gifts!! I entered the giveaway with a sigh.saying ... wish I could win this one.

I never win anything usually and....I won!!! They are even more beautiful than in pictures ..and I haven't yet decided where they will be ..but for now they will be on my kitchen table flower arrangement until I decide and can enjoy them each morning with my coffee!

Thank you sooo much Emily you made my day today

Monday, August 31, 2009

Harmony Pictures part 2

The glass blowing workshop
the Pottery many amazing Pottery artist have thier work here!

This octopus was just incredible...if you enlarge the picture you can see in the background a bathroom sink made form glass and encrusted with shells...

hand made pottery These are amazing bunnys....the pictures ( my photography abilities....)
do not do them justice

Just a sample of the smaller glass work these are wine bottle stoppers and they also make blown glass pens!

The Glass Shop/Barn

Harmony population 17

I love this door! Its very old and crackled and aged just right........
Inside the wedding chapel

The entrance to the chapel, can't get these pictures in right order ....

Outside the tiny post office

Well this weekend there was a garage sale in one of my favorite towns here.. Harmony. A garage sale to safe the Post office..which is currently closed...A small ghost of a town..but very Much alive in history and beauty...Harmony....population 17...!

The Town of Harmony grew up around a dairy, founding in 1869.Until 1907 the creamery changed hands several times. In these early days rivalries and feuding among dairy farmers caused chaos in the valley. After one shooting death, a truce was called. All agreed to live henceforth in harmony, and from this the name of the towne was derived.
In 1901 M. H. Salmina established the Harmony Valley Co-operative Dairy. The town of Harmony prospered with this business. In its heyday, the village boasted a large residence for management, bunkhouses for employees, a general store, a livery and stable, blacksmith, feed store, post office and a school house.
The Harmony Dairy produced besides milk and cream some of the finest butter and cheese in the state. In those days, Highway 1 ran right through the town and motorists were treated to ladles of buttermilk from the dairy.
William Randolf Hearst was a familiar face as he stopped off for fresh dairy products on his way to his ranch. Rudolf Valentino and Pola Negra stopped in Harmony on their way to visit Hearst.
Eventually, the dairy business shifted to San Luis Obispo, and in the late 1950s Harmony Dairy was closed. For many years the town was abandoned with the exception of the post office which remained open.
Restoration began in 1972

A Pottery shop and a Glass blowing shop are the only business there....but the charm of days gone by can be seen in the old buildings and the small wedding chappel and gazebo..the town is surrounded by the famous hills of our brown, but ater the rainy season its as green and lush a English countryside...miles of green rolling hills..The cows are grazing all around and you really feel like you stepped back in time when you go there....I just love this town..tucked away from the kind of town. I went with my friends Mary and see what we could find...I bought a funky white button mosaic lamp with burlap shade for $1 and a vintage large bucket..I did not take a picture of them yet....... I did take pictures of the beautiful town and the the 2 shops for you to see!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Day Out with the Girls!!!!!!

Martha is in heaven!!! Julie is our photographer...( make me look Skinny Julie! )

I can't decide on a color...hummmmmm

what beautiful feet!!! Lets go shopping!!!!

There is nothing like a girls day out...when your feeling a little blue....Enjoying the day with good friends, laughing, telling stories ,and sharing secrets ...feeling free to be yourself and knowing they too feel the same way.. I realized today just how important friends are...How they can help you put things in perspective and they fill a place that no one else can...and I am so glad for them.
Today was a much needed reprieve from the drilling and hammering, and dogs barking at the strangers in and out of our house......endless dust and the horrible radio music non stop in the background.ALL.which has become my everyday life as . the kitchen remodel continues..........A fun filled day out !
In on the fun were my two good friends .Martha celebrating her new job she starts next week and Julie who just got back home, from a 2 month excursion up the California coast to Canada with her husband. they picked me up early and we all went out for Pedicures, facials, nails...then to Arroyo Grande to a fabulous lunch at Cafe Alfie. Then .after lunch we did a little shopping of course..Marshalls was on the way..and then we went to see the new Julis Child movie! It was a really charming movie..we enjoyed it! The day was perfect..and I feel refreshed and ready for tomorrow!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

ME ME Award!!!

I usually don't do awards cus ,but I thought this one was interesting and fun, I was given the award from Marisa at I just started reading her blog its full of great recipies and she has a great perspective on life! thanks Marisa

The rules to this award are as follows:
1) share 7 tidbits about yourself
2) share this MeMe Blog Award with 7 blogger friends

ok 7 things about me..................

1-I'm a "closet" extrovert...I appear to be shy and introverted until I get to know you, then watch out!!!

2.I like change..I change my decor, colors on the wall ,move my furniture, drive differeant ways to work, poor husband does not know what he will find when he comes home.

3. I studied in Europe, Univ of Madrid..but I can't remember what I studied, only the endless parties! :-)

4. I can't kill anything...I move spiders and bugs carefully outside..

5. I love decorating , and prefer to use old items , fixing and finding new ways of using them
for my home...I get more enjoyment over a thrift store treasure I can paint then any new furniture I could ever buy!
6.I collect fabric and vintage linens...ok ...its a much bigger thing than collect..I can't have enough...I have so many I hide them from myself in boxes and pack them in my garage..because I am embarrased of my addictions.

7.I love dressing in t shirts and jeans..after years of coporate suits and nylons...I am finnally free! I'm going to pass this award to 7 bloggers...
1 Patti's Artful Design - Patti's creativity is inspiring to me, she
is a wonderful example of someone who is talented and focused .Her creativity is amazing!
2.Everyting Vintage Jodie's wonderful blog! beautiful pictures
and ideas..she always makes me smile.
3.Birds of a Feather Bonnie's wonderful shop in Cambria so full of beautiful unique truly a joy to visit!
4.Collected Treasures Jana's exciting blog always lifts my spirits, she is so talented and full of energy..I so wish I was near to her shop!
5.Gwyinne designs - A new blogger with AMAZING
jewlery..a true stop by and checkout her beautiful designs..and meet Louie and Lucy!
6.Green Genes Garden and Home- an Sheryl in Montana a amazing women who built her own home, is raising a coyote, and takes beautiful photography..stop by and check out her blog
7.My Tattered Elegance Pat a true 'Junker" like me her finds are amazing..I am always jealous when I stop by her blog to see her new finds!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How my Greenhouse Grows!

Well my tomato plants are filling up my greenhouse fast! ! Actually they are growing sooo fast we think the Greenhouse is not big enough for them! .......and the scariest plant of all is the butternut squash... its like "Little shop of horrors" remember that plant?? I swear its growing bigger everyday and I almost feel like its looking at me when I come in the even has little hairs all over the stems and leaves!!..........OK I am exaggerating a bit .....but its my first squash I ever planted so this is new to me..... ..I think it may take over the entire corner of the already has little squashes on it and I just can't wait to eat them!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gardening with the Boys!

Today was a beautiful sunny day here on the coast...and the backyard was calling my name..
Me and my boys went out early to the backyard and had breakfast outside ,then I got into my grubbies grabed my gloves and clippers and spent the day throwing the ball and gardening (at the same time of course I 'm great at multi-tasking ) it was a great day..just me and the boys!
when its beautiful outside its sooooo hard to do anything indoors, and I have lots of things that need to be done there..but for now they wait..until ..I'm ready. :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New look for my mantel....

Well I said I would never do it.. I loved my Beach painting I had for 6 years over my mantel

and never wanted to change it.... but during my shopping travels... I happen to come across

this wonderful stretched canvas photo of trees for a steal of a price....and I bought it with the thought of bringing into my booth....but when I had it in my living room....I put it on my mantel on a whim and just love it....for now it will stay...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drive in the country to unwind

Double click to enlarge!

Well I decided to take a drive in the country to unwind and relax my mind..

I took one of my dogs (Toby) and just drove off near our wine country here.. drove up hwy 46 and explored one of the roads off was just a few min away from my house...and it felt wonderful...there was a cool breeze in the air...I lowered the windows and pulled over on this isolated road and took some pictures...

I took my quiet boy Toby with me...he has calm energy when we go out and he is my going out to meditate and think dog...( if I took Jujube my Jack Russell to the country I would have to end the drive with a valium..) Here is what I saw..and it made me feel soooo much better being there..I kept thinking.. the earth is so full of beauty...! enjoy and have a great day!

Kitchen expansion yiks!!!!

I feel scattered.....with my time
I have been on mental overload lately...,lots happening and I have not had time to post...most of my projects are not done..I blame it on the see the garage is suppose to be my painting and fixing place..and it is FULL of stuff that I keep buying. for me or fixing or I scatter stuff in the sunroom, or the guest room , or my dining room...and its making me and my husband crazy...
..I had friends visiting for the 4th...and now the mad rush to clean and fix and hide......I am having a garage sale on 7/11.. and I have already with the help of 2 dear friends ) gone thru (some) of the things there and hopefully I will be able to find a space for me there.. sometime this month...ALSO....
We are going to begin soon a renovation...not major overhaul of appliances and such, but tearing down a wall and opening up the kitchen and dining room us more room...We were happy to find out that our garage was larger than expected, so we found some space there .I am excited but also apprehensive..since I have 2 very very protective dogs...which I will have to deal with while the men are working.. they say one week total...( so I add 3 to that) you never know what they will know how that goes right?? here is a picture of the before wall....I'll post more pictures as we get started...Wish me luck!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Booth for two.....

My larger booth...has been filled to the brim.. all my cream and pastel items placed and I'm excited about June! I share the booth with my partner and friend and his items are towards the eclectic mix of primitive, retro fifties, and Americana...and he does very well! Though I am not into this style(though I am learning to appreciate it more since I decorate with it.)..I also see that there is a very big market for these items!!! I decorate both sides of the space for us which I enjoy..and its so funny to see the 2 styles blend sometimes..but most the time the transition to his things is always marked by Color! Lots of color!..which makes it a very happy booth...

Sunday, May 31, 2009


I couldn't add this picture to my "Window box" post below..but this my sunroom..with yes...a permanet fixture of a Shop Vac..for the dog hair...I am thinking of a cream and sepia slipcover with pearl accents.. for the Shopvac so it goes with my house since its allways in the room? what do you think???

Indoor Window Box

Well today was cloudy and overcast..kindof a blah day..I cuddled and watched tv with my 2 boys (Toby and Jujube)and researched on the computer most of the day...

Everytime time I passed by my Sunroon to my kitchen for another mug of coffee..I looked at my windowbox and flowers in my sunroom and they made me smile...I made a faux windowbox which I plant seasonal flowers there all the time...changing with the time of year .This year they look fake almost they are so perfect....I do all my painting and working in there. I have paint and brushes scattered around.(messy).I have a large hutch that I placed there for storage..but it obviously didn't work....The floor is ruined now...and the sofa has seen alot of wear...( its the favorite place for my dogs to sleep) I keep a old quilt on it to spread .We lie there on warm afternoons when its sunny and it catches wonderful breezes that bring all the scents from the garden in....its a great place to nap....I thought I would share it would you..I love this space.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cream and Blue Hutch

fyi: Click on pictures to see closer!
Well I decided to try (attempt ) the technique Tiina from Dream in Cream uses on her beautiful furniture...I added dusty blue for the inside of the hutch.
I got this little country hutch for $60, nothing to spectacular in maple, but needing some love.. and I was really happy how it turned out. It looks so much better in person, my photography skills could not capture the colors to good...the stain gel really gives it a old creamy antique look, and the dusty blue inside the hutch looks fantastic with the stain over it... The wood color is alot more creamy not as white as it looks on the photo. I need to replace the bottom hardware and go over with a artist brush were the blue and cream it looks seamless..(harder than I thought it would be!! )
My first attempt with this method and I can't wait to do my bedroom furniture next! I really liked the look.. the only thing is my gloves broke somehow when I was staining and now the stain is under my nails and I can't get his off.. I look like I have dirt under my nails...I'm going to be on the lookout now for some nice pieces of furniture to do this on again!


Spring mantel

Spring mantel

Jujube.. Plotting...

Jujube.. Plotting...
Thinking his next move.....


The One and Only.....

My tunes

Toby the Bear

Toby the Bear
The follower...with a bad attitude