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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Garage Sale and a Fireplace Mystery.....

Well we had a very successful Garage Sale and a very unusual fireplace incident...all within 24 hours....My back is just getting back to normal...
We had 5 different families do their spring cleaning thus the Garage Sale !
We started setting up Friday all day...till late at night, Our garage sales set up always turns into a big party..everyone looking at each others stuff and YES! buying from each other ( what sickness!) ..we had music playing and actually made money from neighbors which were walking their dogs.. and a few asked if they could bring some things over! ..We had pizza delivered and we were all exhausted by 9:30 that night... went right to bed and everyone met back at my house at 6:00am sharp!
We had a strange event happen on Friday during our set up.. Our fireplace was scheduled to be
cleaned and serviced that following week, we have one of those wood burning stove insert and it has been acting up.. blowing soot and smoke into the house after the fire dies down.. which has caused me to have to do major cleaning each time it did..( 4 times I had to do this in a month) cleaning all my white slipcovers, and curtains..and floor..not fun.. well as we were setting up a truck comes by to check out our sale.. and it has the name of the company sched to clean our fireplace.. I mentioned to them that ....and they said.. hey we had a cancellation we can do yours now if you want....! so I said ok...I let them in and continued with my garage sale set up.... WELL
about an hour later..out comes one of the guys..covered with soot..(that should have been a clue)
Off they left ..saying my fireplace was all done.....I don't know what happened..cus I wasn't there...but my living room was like a hazy smoking lounge..
I screamed to my husband when I came in...(he had been in his office during the entire thing)
All he said was.... "Its ok.. we will just open some windows " Oh yes.... !
So right after the garage sale and taking all items not sold to thrift shops! I had to clean all over again....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Giveaway at Vintage Junky!!!

Be sure to drop by and see the fabulous giveaway at
beautiful pillow and pitcher !! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I will win... :-)


Spring mantel

Spring mantel

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Jujube.. Plotting...
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