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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How my Greenhouse Grows!

Well my tomato plants are filling up my greenhouse fast! ! Actually they are growing sooo fast we think the Greenhouse is not big enough for them! .......and the scariest plant of all is the butternut squash... its like "Little shop of horrors" remember that plant?? I swear its growing bigger everyday and I almost feel like its looking at me when I come in the even has little hairs all over the stems and leaves!!..........OK I am exaggerating a bit .....but its my first squash I ever planted so this is new to me..... ..I think it may take over the entire corner of the already has little squashes on it and I just can't wait to eat them!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gardening with the Boys!

Today was a beautiful sunny day here on the coast...and the backyard was calling my name..
Me and my boys went out early to the backyard and had breakfast outside ,then I got into my grubbies grabed my gloves and clippers and spent the day throwing the ball and gardening (at the same time of course I 'm great at multi-tasking ) it was a great day..just me and the boys!
when its beautiful outside its sooooo hard to do anything indoors, and I have lots of things that need to be done there..but for now they wait..until ..I'm ready. :-)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New look for my mantel....

Well I said I would never do it.. I loved my Beach painting I had for 6 years over my mantel

and never wanted to change it.... but during my shopping travels... I happen to come across

this wonderful stretched canvas photo of trees for a steal of a price....and I bought it with the thought of bringing into my booth....but when I had it in my living room....I put it on my mantel on a whim and just love it....for now it will stay...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drive in the country to unwind

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Well I decided to take a drive in the country to unwind and relax my mind..

I took one of my dogs (Toby) and just drove off near our wine country here.. drove up hwy 46 and explored one of the roads off was just a few min away from my house...and it felt wonderful...there was a cool breeze in the air...I lowered the windows and pulled over on this isolated road and took some pictures...

I took my quiet boy Toby with me...he has calm energy when we go out and he is my going out to meditate and think dog...( if I took Jujube my Jack Russell to the country I would have to end the drive with a valium..) Here is what I saw..and it made me feel soooo much better being there..I kept thinking.. the earth is so full of beauty...! enjoy and have a great day!

Kitchen expansion yiks!!!!

I feel scattered.....with my time
I have been on mental overload lately...,lots happening and I have not had time to post...most of my projects are not done..I blame it on the see the garage is suppose to be my painting and fixing place..and it is FULL of stuff that I keep buying. for me or fixing or I scatter stuff in the sunroom, or the guest room , or my dining room...and its making me and my husband crazy...
..I had friends visiting for the 4th...and now the mad rush to clean and fix and hide......I am having a garage sale on 7/11.. and I have already with the help of 2 dear friends ) gone thru (some) of the things there and hopefully I will be able to find a space for me there.. sometime this month...ALSO....
We are going to begin soon a renovation...not major overhaul of appliances and such, but tearing down a wall and opening up the kitchen and dining room us more room...We were happy to find out that our garage was larger than expected, so we found some space there .I am excited but also apprehensive..since I have 2 very very protective dogs...which I will have to deal with while the men are working.. they say one week total...( so I add 3 to that) you never know what they will know how that goes right?? here is a picture of the before wall....I'll post more pictures as we get started...Wish me luck!


Spring mantel

Spring mantel

Jujube.. Plotting...

Jujube.. Plotting...
Thinking his next move.....


The One and Only.....

My tunes

Toby the Bear

Toby the Bear
The follower...with a bad attitude