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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Seaside Cottage Antique show

This weekend was the Goat Hill Antique show In Los Gatos Ca.
Below is a slide show !

The Seaside Cottage had its first booth there and it was a spectacular event..lots of fun in a beautiful Goat farm in the Los Gatos mountains...here is a peek at our booth and the items we sold at our old shop The Seaside Cottage! My partner Mark Graper did a amazing job with the
decor!  Enjoy!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th ! Get Together! Plus a birthday to Boot!

Wonderful July 4th celebration with friends.. Every year we go as a tradition to our friend George's wonderful full ocean view home.. his deck has the best views over the ocean Shamel park were the fireworks are done..so we are spoiled.. we had a great Pot luck ( ate way too much..) we also celebrated a birthday of our friend Julie born on the 4th of July.. what day for a birthday huh?
Isn't it nice to have traditions? To know that certain events will happen ? As wonderful and exciting the new and spontaneous things in life can be...there is a confort in the familiar...like old friends, favorite foods, and that old confortable sweatshirt. What traditions are important to you?? or are you a spur of the moment creature in this world... ? I tend to go more for the spur of the moment thrills ....but as I get older..those traditions really tug at my heart!! have a great day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Casino, Solvang and RV Park visits! what a combo

Well .. went for a day trip to Chumash casino for the day to play some slot machines and watch a friend which was participating in a Poker tournament there..I had not been there for over a year and had forgotten just how crowded and smoke filled the casino was! yiks! I just can not remember the days when we all lived in environments like that.. at work people would smoke, in restaurants ect... did we really breathe that air all around us?? Well I almost had a asthma attack...I actually saw people playing slots with their little mobile oxygen packs hanging on their shoulders!!???? wow.. now that is die hard gambling!!!!
Well now that my health is something I have to watch and care for...I was so happy for the non smoking casino room! I had a great time there..playing my machines.. ( breathing normal) won $70 dollars with just a$10 bill I used to play with... and then walked away! We had a wonderful buffet there.. ( I had to be very strong and resist all the pastries since I am now on a non gluten/ wheat diet..it was hard) after we went walking in the Town of Solvang nearby.. famous for their choco and bakeries ( not a place for non gluten people to really hang out in.. but what the hell it makes me tougher...) but I enjoyed looking and smelling all the wondrous things! the weather was perfect 80 with a cool breeze... After we toured the town and looked at all the wonderful architecture we took a trip to a nearby RV park..where our friends were staying from the Poker tournament.. sat by the campsite and gabbed...one of those really perfect days....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Moonstone Beach walkabout.

Well the weather has improved somewhat this week...the winds have died down
and off to the beach I went to walk and think and get alittle beach therapy...the fresh air, wildlife, the solitude( yes our beaches durning the week you can actually be the only one there! really are perfect for those times you just need to be alone and think and just be. As my health improves daily and I am stronger and more myself
I really give thanks daily for the gift of being able to enjoy the beauty that surround is amazing little town..not only do we have forest trails to walk thru, and grassy valleys, we have this beautiful coastline with nooks and crannies that you can sit and read and enjoy the escape of it all.. I hope you enjoy the pictures!
Have a wonderful day! Marlene

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Road back to Me....

I've been gone so very long....but I'm on my way back....after 4 months...some very difficult months of Health challanges ,I am finally on the Road to recovery and finding me...I celebrated my 55 year birthday this April..right smack in the tail end
of this life changing chaos that decended my life these months! During a birthday I usually think back on my life that year, what I did, didn't do, wanted to do, taking stock...a mental note of what my year was...and this one birthday brought to me soo many eye opening things about my life... that it was like a gift..a beautiful gift..the combination of the challanges I had and the Birthday, really hit home all the things that were working for me and those which no longer belonged in my life...things like my business, my Art, friendships, and even downsizing all my "stuff" all took on a second look.. a Spring Cleaning of sorts... for my life..looking at it carefully and ruthlessly making changes... so that I can stay on track..on that new road to Me... have you done any Spring cleaning lately??? looked at your life really looked at it...and ask yourself..am I on the right track???
I am happy to be back..slowly but surely ...I will be visitng your blogs of wisdom..and getting back into life again!!! Have a great day! Marlene

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays to All

Yes I am still here...Life has thrown its challanges at me these last few months, which have kept me away from my blog and my visits to yours..which I so enjoyed, but
I feel confident that the New Year will bring more balance in my life..so that I can do more of all the things I love..I wish you all a Healthy, Happy New Year, and good friends to share it with of course...because without good friends our life would be half full...I also wish you all success in all your endeavors and to keep trying and never give up on your dreams. To always look forward to the future with excitement and anticipation..for the great things that are to come your way..Have a wonderful Holiday!!! Marlene

Friday, October 29, 2010

Scary Boys,,Beware!

Just could not resist...playing with the software..hehehe!
.Jujube and Toby are all ready for Halloween...
Toby will be actually wearing devil horns on his head...because he IS my handsome devil... and Jujube the clown.. the trickster...will of course be wearing for all of
2 min a jesters collar...hopefully I'll get some pictures on Halloween night!
but these 2 are very busy that night ..barking and running to the door each time it rings...so we will see...Have a Great day! Marlene
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