My Favorite spot by the Beach trail!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Windy Mayhem!

We had rain..yet again..and now 3 days of windy weather even though the sun it out...pollen is being blown everywhere and my allergies are in FULL force! I went out this morning to have my morning coffee as I usually do when the sun it out..
and me and the dogs literally sneezed in unison!! I found my Cecile B. Roses that are
trained over the french doors of my sun room ripped from their supports and hanging order the doorway...the trialing Jasmine that have now entwined with these roses with my help over the years were somehow ripped also from their support...!! ( my poor husband will need to put these back up when the wind dies down ) Alot of my tall plants like my snowball bush are now leaning from the wind..The only part of my garden not effected was the Greenhouse...and of course all my vegi's inside...
3 days of this wind they said on the news !!! ALOT of work ahead for me !

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Remnants of the Past Show

First time attempt at doing a slide show..I hope you all can access this without too much trouble! I had so many pictures I wanted to share of the Remnants Of The Past show this weekend I went to..Was a wonderful show lots of amazing vendors and lots of inspiration looking at all the great booths! the show was held in Nipomo CA. in a huge Barn and a Victorian estate surrounded by lemon groves! I show a picture of the surrounding rural countryside views! My kind of life! Enjoy! and leave me feedback as to how easy this slide show was to view! Thanks Marlene

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Early morning ..seaside walkabout..

I am trying to exercise what I alot of people I do really good for a while
and then I get lazy again...especially when the weather gets bad...( we have rain and wind again)
then I get lazy.. read a book.. watch some art projects... and hang out with my dogs..

Some people are morning people..high energy husband is one.. wakes up rearing to go!!! Rain or shine! I wake up slowly... enjoy coffee in bed and can stay in my Jammie's.. reading or watching TV in the morning..... What kind of person are you???

Here are some pictures of my favorite walking trail along the and a friend got up early before the rain and wind couple days ago.. it was so beautiful out, I wanted to share the views

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Baby turns 54!

School house owned by Hearst Ranch sits right next to Sabastian's Deli! I think it is soo adorable!
Sabastians Store and Deli! Yummy!!!
Our beach view!!!

Yes! I am a April baby... and I am celebrating my 54 this year! My birthday was different this year from the last 5 years celebrations.. for some reason hitting 49 and up signaled in me and alarm.. though not a conscience one ..I started telling people I didn't celebrate birthday and the on coming "day" threw me into quiet contemplation..even sadness at times... I was getting older.. then the not so subtle signs of not being able to garden for 6 hours straight as I was used to........reared its ugly head.. causing me to reflect on.. the changes ...there were changes taking place... but my mind was still the same! ( well OK.. the memory...have you ever been looking all over for your keys and finally find them in your hand??? )

Something fabulous and wonderful "CLICKED" this year in my mind! I was looking forward to my birthday this year! I was feeling happy and looking forward to the future and all its wonderful possibilities! I am glad to be alive and share this wonderful life I have created with my family and friends. On my special day..My Husband and I spent a wonderful day together, walked on the beach..talked about our plans and the future, we went to lunch at my favorite place in San Simeon Sebastian's!
We went hiking on the East West Ranch trails with our 2 boys Jujube and Toby.. a perfect day...then that night we went to a dinner given by a friend for our birthday and was surprised when a group of friends came unexpectedly!
Birthdays are not so bad... its a 'good' thing as Martha says!


Spring mantel

Spring mantel

Jujube.. Plotting...

Jujube.. Plotting...
Thinking his next move.....


The One and Only.....

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Toby the Bear

Toby the Bear
The follower...with a bad attitude