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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Dream Home....

On my way to my booth every day I pass by this house in the countryside...Its my dream home..
Some people that live here would probably not choose this house because it does not offer any of the wonderful ocean views Cambria has to offer...but this house speaks to me..the Green valley surrounding it...the privacy...the silence...No need for curtains here..because no one can see you for miles...I would have all sorts of animals in my little farm if I lived here ( Oh did I say my husband would not be caught dead there...he likes new homes and he is NOT a farm boy at all , but this is my fantasy home, and in my fantasy he would miraculously change and want to live here ! ) All my animals chickens,cows and pigs would all have names one would ever be killed ! Yes a no kill farm! I would have a section for dogs and cats that I would rescue from the SPCA until I found homes for them...( Oh of course I would be wealthy because I had to maintain all these animals..and of course.. I would have someone come in and clean for me every week..I think of this every time I pass this house...I wonder if the reality of living this life would be just as wonderful as the fantasy??? Do you have anything your dream about????

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Unexpected Visitor.....

We had 3 visitors our side weekend. A family of three came to rest and sleep under our Oaks ...I was relaxing in our bedroom when I heard the sound outside our bedroom deck of little hooves...going up the I peeked out the curtains a fawn was investigating my deck its planters and chairs and was trying to peek into my husbands office which also leads into the bedroom deck.. his curtain was open and he was on a business call he was unaware of this little guys spying on him...I did not have my I did not get that shot..he stood for a long time..looking and listening..his little tail switching back and forth just was so funny....then bored turned and went down the steps where mom and dad waited......then they all went and laid under our tree by the fence hidden buy the tall hedges we have there.. that's when I got my camera and shot the pictures ... they stayed all day.. ...I was so happy they found a safe harbour there...some people do not like the deer because they eat their plants....I love them...such sweet gentle faces they have...wonderful magical creatures!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A new page to fill ...

I woke up this morning feeling Hopeful!

Like that song says ."A book with an empty page waiting to be filled " ..anything can be written in those pages.!..How you view your world..and events around you will fill those pages..and in turn create your reality.....and that reality is how you create so to speak your inner peace or many opportunities lie ahead..choices to be made..which in turn shape and direct your life...I for one have decided to fill my pages with positive loved filled words of inspiration, hope, and opportunities...Challenges will be gently looked at as lessons ...meditated upon before placing in my book...and I am hoping I will succeed more than not at looking at the bright side of things...before placing them on that page....I am going to be more thankful for each day I have and make a conscience effort to choose wisely what I write on these pages of my life...these are not resolutions..just new way of viewing my Life from here on......I feel Hopeful..

How are you all feeling this first day of the year????????


Spring mantel

Spring mantel

Jujube.. Plotting...

Jujube.. Plotting...
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Toby the Bear
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