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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not enought the day.....

Well these 2 weeks have been very busy and a little stressful for me, no time to do any of my MANY projects that are lined up...stacked up really for me to do...My elderly parents that live in Campbell Ca are both sick and went down to help them...its 3 hour drive from here.....I am helping a friend decorate his beach house here( he has no clue on decorating so he is leaving it mostly to me..which is fun and he has $$$ so I have big budget! ,picking paint colors, furniture, curtains..ect..its fun but that has taken alot of my time thinking and fretting over choices....

I also had 2 friends visit from out of town...and..... I always fret and worry when people come over trying to get the house all cleaned up...I have 3 dogs which shed and I work 4 days a week and I HATE to clean..So I tend to get side tracked when I am doing chores and end up going outside...I always long to go to the garden. not be indoors !!! Alot of my friends here have someone come once a week to clean....but its not in our budget so I have to do it myself....My mother loved to clean, I have cousins that say it relaxes them to clean house??? ANYONE out there like this????????!! I don't like to clean.. I have tried putting peppy music in the background that didn't work..
And I always fret when people come over that my house will not be clean enough..I think it has to do with how I was mom was an exceptional housekeeper she could do everything..cook , clean everything was perfect...and she did it effortlessly... we always had dogs and we had no dog hair anywhere and she also always had a part time job too while we were in school and she managed to do it all...we always had a hot meal on the table and breakfast in the morning............ hummmmmmm maybe I need therapy?????? anyways ...I have to stop writing cus ..this Friday tomorrow night!!!..we have 2 couples coming over to play cards.. and I have to clean....ugh!!! Its me and my swifter...wish me luck!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marlene! I'm so sorry to hear your parents are sick! That is stressful enough without the 3 hour drive!! Glad you'll still be blogging when things clear up! As far as the house cleaning just remember - friends are coming to see you! If they rate your housekeeping skills they aren't real friends and I'll bet none of them notice the things you do!!! I understand though my Mom was the same way yours was when I was young! Have fun spending your friends money!Lucky you - Don't fret he wouldn't of asked you if he didn't trust your taste! Best Wishes - Jeannette

Bella said...

I feel the exact same way. I love a clean home, but I never look forward to getting it there...but I do, because I have to.

I always worry about everything, too, when people come to visit. And everyone seems to like my home and food and have a nice time...but I still worry like crazy every single time people come over.

So, yes, I can totally relate. See, we have that in common...and paint colors ;)

I hope your parents are getting better and I hope you have fun this weekend with your company....oh, to decorate someone else's home with a big budget...that would be a dream for me :)

Take care,

sarah @ a beach cottage said...

hey Marlene, thanks for popping by my blog

good luck with your makeover on Tuesday, don't forget to take some before and after shots, just love those

I tackled the laundry room yesterday, it was sooooo AWFUL, just an hour of sorting, chucking out and re-arranging and it is much much better in there, isn't it amazing how you put up with things for so long and then bam it takes a short time to overhaul it, it's just getting started I reckon is the tough bit! lol!

happy blogging


Gollum said...

I've been feeling the same way--not enough hours in a day. I've got one big project going that I can't ignore because it helps pay the bills; the other projects are household things that I have let slide, design elements that I can't fix (and they're staring me in the face 24/7), or crafty projects that are waiting in the wings. Nope. Not enough hours. lol

The only way I can cope is to keep a 3-ring binder notebook with all kinds of dividers. I made a priority list and then tried to break it down month by month into manageable portions.

I also have a list of very easy recipes so that we can eat homecooked meals--but I'm not baking all day when I'm working very hard.

As for cleaning...well, it's a humongous challenge. I'm not a less is more person, but I've found that streamlining (to a point) does facilitate the clean up process. Organization is the foundation for easy (is there such a thing?) cleaning. Rue (Rue's Peanut Butter & Jelly Life) and I will be co-hosting a home organization class in September, so come on over and join us.


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