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Monday, August 31, 2009

Harmony population 17

I love this door! Its very old and crackled and aged just right........
Inside the wedding chapel

The entrance to the chapel, can't get these pictures in right order ....

Outside the tiny post office

Well this weekend there was a garage sale in one of my favorite towns here.. Harmony. A garage sale to safe the Post office..which is currently closed...A small ghost of a town..but very Much alive in history and beauty...Harmony....population 17...!

The Town of Harmony grew up around a dairy, founding in 1869.Until 1907 the creamery changed hands several times. In these early days rivalries and feuding among dairy farmers caused chaos in the valley. After one shooting death, a truce was called. All agreed to live henceforth in harmony, and from this the name of the towne was derived.
In 1901 M. H. Salmina established the Harmony Valley Co-operative Dairy. The town of Harmony prospered with this business. In its heyday, the village boasted a large residence for management, bunkhouses for employees, a general store, a livery and stable, blacksmith, feed store, post office and a school house.
The Harmony Dairy produced besides milk and cream some of the finest butter and cheese in the state. In those days, Highway 1 ran right through the town and motorists were treated to ladles of buttermilk from the dairy.
William Randolf Hearst was a familiar face as he stopped off for fresh dairy products on his way to his ranch. Rudolf Valentino and Pola Negra stopped in Harmony on their way to visit Hearst.
Eventually, the dairy business shifted to San Luis Obispo, and in the late 1950s Harmony Dairy was closed. For many years the town was abandoned with the exception of the post office which remained open.
Restoration began in 1972

A Pottery shop and a Glass blowing shop are the only business there....but the charm of days gone by can be seen in the old buildings and the small wedding chappel and gazebo..the town is surrounded by the famous hills of our brown, but ater the rainy season its as green and lush a English countryside...miles of green rolling hills..The cows are grazing all around and you really feel like you stepped back in time when you go there....I just love this town..tucked away from the kind of town. I went with my friends Mary and see what we could find...I bought a funky white button mosaic lamp with burlap shade for $1 and a vintage large bucket..I did not take a picture of them yet....... I did take pictures of the beautiful town and the the 2 shops for you to see!


Nancy said...

I always wonder about the people that once lived in these little towns, now all but abandoned. In Nevada there are little towns that once had 20,000 people during the silver mining heyday. Now only a few buildings.


hey lady - just wanted to say hello so dropped by - thanks for visiting my places loyally - you and nancy too - bless you both! have a wonderful day, sweetie!


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