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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Beautiful June Blooms!

Yes... June has turned out to be beautiful this year in my garden. Even though I
have not given my garden the usual time and energy I did in the pruning and feeding and weeding.... they had a good foundation early on..when I did have the time. They have been able to survive times of neglect.......I wonder about that as I walked thru my garden this morning, with my coffee smelling the roses and hearing the birds..just how much like plants we are..we always spring back up and shine.

All the color and fragrance where once was a cement slab and 2 trees..with hard work a vision and a much younger back ( 9 years ago!) I slowly created my own little hideaway for me to enjoy mornings just like this. Here is hoping you too have a great morning!


Anonymous said...

Your backyard is stunning! Truly a work of art, younger back or not!! And yes, we are resilient like plants, and we forget that sometimes. Thanks for the lovely reminder :) said...

Beautiful garden! Love the cubby.
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Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

Absolutely delicious.......and a great place to find peace!


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

What a beautiful place to enjoy a cup of coffee Marlene! You should be proud of the beauty that surrounds nurtured it :)

hmmmmm, not sure what kind of plant I would be...probably a dead one if I had to take care of myself 24/7 hahaha

Seriously though, that is a deep thought...I agree with Gwynnie above...we are resilient, even when we don't even know it sometimes :)

Have a wonderful weekend Marlene...smell the flowers for me!

kiyoteekisser said...

You're making me jealous again. It's so nice to be back on. In another life I want to be you. I keep thinking we should move there. No, I'm not a stalker! We've had horrible weather this spring. Our gardens are late and when they flower they get pounded on with rain. It's rained everyday for weeks which is very unusual for us. Not much left for me to take photos of. What the rain doesn't get, Yippee picks for me. For now, I can look at your beautiful gardens instead.
I love the jewelry, isn't it fun to make? I'm learning more all the time. I've tried to do my own thing too. I use small driftwood in some of my pieces, it would work for yours too and it's fun to go find it.

Sharon said...

I bet Cambria is beautiful this time of the year. We have just had way to much rain. I am ready for a road trip. Your flowers are fantastic.


oh, marlene! how absolutely enchantingly beautiful! so wonderful you've such a place of beauty to enjoy! and all the better since you created it yourself! thanks so much for sharing with us in these wonderful photos!!!

Anonymous said...

your backyard is GORGEOUS! I can only hope to have a yard this beautiful one day! :)
Thank you for your paint color comments on my blog...we have not begun our first project yet (humidity and storms have been terrible in Michigan this past week and yesterday we had a small earthquake tremor hit) and will pick our first guinea pig piece to test painting on...hope to do so in the next week or so! Happy Thursday to you!

Elizaveta Kramer said...

If I had a rosy garden like that, then I’m gonna enjoy most of my mornings relaxing there. You got your title right, Marlene. Those are really beautiful June blooms. How were you able to make them grow like that? They look radiant especially with the sunlight. They are perfect! You’re going to make gardeners really envious with those lovely flowers.

Elizaveta Kramer


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