My Favorite spot by the Beach trail!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I just created and wanted to share a slide show of the 3 shops at our Redwood Center
The Seaside Cottage, Antiques and collect ables with a Cottage and Nautical Flair..
The Hidden Gate, which has a collection of primitives and antiques a trip back in time! and The Deer Run Unique collectibles and Art of the 20th and 21th century! Enjoy!!!!

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Natalie said...

How gorgeous! who does all the dusting?

wv =orkie :)

Gemel said...

That was fab, just like being there myself. Thank you for the tour.


just beautiful! what fantastic things there - and there - and everywhere! wonderful - can't wait to come see!!!

Cloudia said...

Saw you at Country Girls,
and delighted that I came here.

You can visit my beach, and read about some special JuJuBes here:

Nancy said...

Seaside cottage looks like a place to lose yourself for a couple of hours. I will definitely NOT miss it next time I'm your way. I'll leave my non-shopping husband to do something else so I'm not hurried.


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