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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Road back to Me....

I've been gone so very long....but I'm on my way back....after 4 months...some very difficult months of Health challanges ,I am finally on the Road to recovery and finding me...I celebrated my 55 year birthday this April..right smack in the tail end
of this life changing chaos that decended my life these months! During a birthday I usually think back on my life that year, what I did, didn't do, wanted to do, taking stock...a mental note of what my year was...and this one birthday brought to me soo many eye opening things about my life... that it was like a gift..a beautiful gift..the combination of the challanges I had and the Birthday, really hit home all the things that were working for me and those which no longer belonged in my life...things like my business, my Art, friendships, and even downsizing all my "stuff" all took on a second look.. a Spring Cleaning of sorts... for my life..looking at it carefully and ruthlessly making changes... so that I can stay on track..on that new road to Me... have you done any Spring cleaning lately??? looked at your life really looked at it...and ask I on the right track???
I am happy to be back..slowly but surely ...I will be visitng your blogs of wisdom..and getting back into life again!!! Have a great day! Marlene


The Cottage said...

I am so glad you are "back" and I hope that whatever challenges you have faced are now behind you and that only good things are coming your way in the days to come. Sometimes it takes a life changing event to really show us what is truely important in our lives !

Happy Birthday fellow Aries girl,
Hugs to you, Sandi

Anonymous said...

Marlene - thank you for stopping by my blog. It seems you and I were traveling on a parallel journey, both painful and difficult, around the same time.

I sense your strength from among the pages and from past comments you've made on my blog. Please remember: You are far bigger than anything that can happen to you. Be well and come back soon. - M

Gemel said...

Wonderful; to see you back again, I was only thinking of you yesterday, realising that it had been awhile since I read anything on your blog...

Clearing the clutter from your life is a powerful and liberating experience, one that opens up the path to peace and invites cleansing and renewal ♥

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, sistah! Missed you here in blog land, but so very happy to hear you're feeling sassy once more!!


Burlap Luxe said...

MARLENE!!! Girl Friend!!
You are back!!!
I was just asking our sweet Gwynnie B. how you were doing??
Answer was right in front of me, I had to just look down my side bar of inspiring friends and their you were :)

I hope you are warming your fragil bones with the warmth of the sun!!
Taking in the peacefulness of the oceans song!

Oh yes I hear it calling us in, singing sweetly songs of good health.

I am so excited to have you in our reach again! Now I will visit and bug you to death :)

See you soon dear one!!
Happy Birthday friend!! Oh I had my 54 in January don't tell a soul :)

I am getting a grip on my health as well, hanging in there with you!


Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you for your visit marlene!!

hang in there get feeling back to yourself :)
I am really trying to set my mind to making a trip over to see you guys soon.

Always something holding us back, one thing or another!

I have this friend who lived there then moved away now wants to go back! If that is the case I may move there as well, My daughter Hannah may be attending college there next year soooooo! will see!

I will have to set my sights for a job, rent a place to see how it goes, look for some design work, or sit on a corner peddling my works of art :)

We really have to talk :)

So you get out there and inspire your calm!
Sending you sea kisses!!

kiyoteekisser said...

So happy you're back! I've been worried.

Happy belated Birthday!!


Lori at Jarvis House said...

Dear Marlene, glad that you are back on the track that makes you happy. I did a bit of Spring cleaning for a party that I gave my daughter, the mother-to-be. She lives in a different state so this was a good chance to spend some time with her back in her birthplace. Everything went well but I was sad to let her return to her new home. Cheers and Happy easter, Lori


my dear friend - it is so wonderful to see your words here - i have missed your sweet spirit more than you can know - seems we are, a lot of us, traveling the same road, of late, and i am so thrilled to know you are on the way back home to "you" - and to us, sweetness - much love - jenean/gypsy

Annie said...

Happy Mothers Day


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