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Monday, July 20, 2009

Gardening with the Boys!

Today was a beautiful sunny day here on the coast...and the backyard was calling my name..
Me and my boys went out early to the backyard and had breakfast outside ,then I got into my grubbies grabed my gloves and clippers and spent the day throwing the ball and gardening (at the same time of course I 'm great at multi-tasking ) it was a great day..just me and the boys!
when its beautiful outside its sooooo hard to do anything indoors, and I have lots of things that need to be done there..but for now they wait..until ..I'm ready. :-)


Nancy said...

Beautiful garden! I like your boys, too.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Good Morning Marlene!
Your boys are precious!!!
It's a good thing that you are good at multi-tasking since you have TWO boys and LOTS of beautiful have a lot of balls to throw while you keep all that looking great!!!
I love all of the little details in your cozy little yard...
Can I go read my magazines over there? I think I could throw a couple of balls while I curl up in your pretty blue chair...pleease?
everything vintage

Roxy Anne Girl said...

Looks beautiful- but everything you touch - always becomes beautiful!!! I can't wait to see it! I am coming soon!! : -)

gypsywoman said...

hey lady - gee, i am SO jealous of your beautiful garden - i miss having my own little patch/place to have all that - in any event, am happy for you - your plants are gorgeous - how wonderful to be out in the sunshine or just outdoors doing "stuff" isn't it? just dropping by to say hello - have a wonderful california day! jenean

Sharon said...

Your garden is lovely and I bet the boys were a great help! Sharon

Turquoise Diaries said...

Life at the coast with the dogs. That's what I call a very good life. I enjoy your blog..

annie said...

Beautiful Marlene. I love impatiens.


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