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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Casino, Solvang and RV Park visits! what a combo

Well .. went for a day trip to Chumash casino for the day to play some slot machines and watch a friend which was participating in a Poker tournament there..I had not been there for over a year and had forgotten just how crowded and smoke filled the casino was! yiks! I just can not remember the days when we all lived in environments like that.. at work people would smoke, in restaurants ect... did we really breathe that air all around us?? Well I almost had a asthma attack...I actually saw people playing slots with their little mobile oxygen packs hanging on their shoulders!!???? wow.. now that is die hard gambling!!!!
Well now that my health is something I have to watch and care for...I was so happy for the non smoking casino room! I had a great time there..playing my machines.. ( breathing normal) won $70 dollars with just a$10 bill I used to play with... and then walked away! We had a wonderful buffet there.. ( I had to be very strong and resist all the pastries since I am now on a non gluten/ wheat was hard) after we went walking in the Town of Solvang nearby.. famous for their choco and bakeries ( not a place for non gluten people to really hang out in.. but what the hell it makes me tougher...) but I enjoyed looking and smelling all the wondrous things! the weather was perfect 80 with a cool breeze... After we toured the town and looked at all the wonderful architecture we took a trip to a nearby RV park..where our friends were staying from the Poker tournament.. sat by the campsite and of those really perfect days....


Gemel said...

Looks like a wonderful day out....

kiyoteekisser said...

Good to see you getting out. You'll be buying an RV next. Then you can come to Montana. Well you don't need an RV for that. We have two of them and a big guest quarters.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that is a picture worth a thousand words. A person strapped to an oxygen tank voluntarily putting himself in a smoky room. Kinda makes me sad.

But so happy for your winnings - $60 return on a $10. You need to get yourself to Vegas :)

Burlap Luxe said...

HI Marlene
It sounds like you have a great time! And its always fun to have a little extra cash, can we say Jack-Pot!

Sending you my prayers girl for the health you need to keep up your creating.

Lots of love to you and your SeaSide Cottage :)



OMGosh, marlene! you're here again? i saw you over at gemel's just now - so glad to know you're back here a bit anyway - so drop over to my campfires, lady!!! you've been so so missed! hugs!

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