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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th ! Get Together! Plus a birthday to Boot!

Wonderful July 4th celebration with friends.. Every year we go as a tradition to our friend George's wonderful full ocean view home.. his deck has the best views over the ocean Shamel park were the fireworks are we are spoiled.. we had a great Pot luck ( ate way too much..) we also celebrated a birthday of our friend Julie born on the 4th of July.. what day for a birthday huh?
Isn't it nice to have traditions? To know that certain events will happen ? As wonderful and exciting the new and spontaneous things in life can be...there is a confort in the old friends, favorite foods, and that old confortable sweatshirt. What traditions are important to you?? or are you a spur of the moment creature in this world... ? I tend to go more for the spur of the moment thrills ....but as I get older..those traditions really tug at my heart!! have a great day!


Patti's Artful Design said...

Great pict of you and Harry:)! Happy Birthday to Julie...and just who is that cute doggy in the picture? Glad to see you blogging again:)!

Anonymous said...

Old comfortable sweatshirt. I finally had to throw it out and still looking for the perfect one to replace it.

I love traditions. I was thinking today where I get such longing when my family members are okay with shopping or doing their own thing on a Holiday. I don't think it is an age thing. Even the most impetuous one of us needs something to anchor or ground us.

Lori at Jarvis House said...

A great holiday to remember how we got all the bleasings and freedoms we enjoy. Cheers nice photos.

Gemel said...

Nothing better than lovely times with lovely people.


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